What matters
is not the idea
a man holds,
but the depth
at which
he holds it.

(Ezra Pound)


Between the desire to leave and the commitment to stay, the decision to be present!

The objective to “truly be present” is the synthesis of the mindset and mission of our company.
Being present in the sense of choosing one’s position and taking on the responsibilities that it entails, inside and outside the company.
Being present and working, keeping in mind and respecting the place where we work, with a manufacturing cycle developed entirely in-house, reusing and recycling production waste, optimizing the economics of the business and protecting the surrounding area and the people who live there.
Being present whilst keeping in mind an ambitious objective and doing the utmost to achieve it, constantly moving forward with vision, courage and commitment.

Because when we decide to truly be present, we want to achieve the highest possible standards.